PNP DRUG ENFORCEMENT GROUP (PNP DEG), CAMP BGEN RAFAEL T CRAME, QUEZON CITY–Operatives of Special Operations Unit 8, 2 and 1 under the direct supervision of PBGEN RONALD O LEE, Director, PNP DEG with RIU3, AKG, R2 Region 3, Concepcion MPS, and PDEA conducted a buy-bust operation on December 31, 2020 at about 10:00 AM at the Parking lot of CM disco and videoke bar located at Brgy., Jefmin, Concepcion Tarlac which resulted to an armed encounter and neutralization of Gabriel Onyechefula a Nigerian National

    The suspect is a member of West African Syndicate (WADS) responsible in the proliferation of shabu and cocaine in the country they also lure Filipinos to become drug mules. Seized from the suspect were the following:

  1. Three (3) knot-tide transparent plastic bag containing shabu weighing more or less 2 kilograms with standard drug price of Php 13.6 million; 
  2. One (1) caliber 9mm machine pistol and ammunition; and
  3. Two (2) genuine one thousand peso bill place on top of 14 bundles of boodle money.

            PBGEN RONALD O LEE express that PNP DEG is working harder in making our communities a safer place to line and in support to pursue an unrelenting war on drugs of the PNP. 

Police General DEBOLD M SINAS, Chief, PNP commended the operating troops and said that the PNP will continue its unwavering efforts to eradicate illegal drugs in the country.