PNP DRUG ENFORCEMENT GROUP (PNP DEG), CAMP BGEN RAFAEL T CRAME, QUEZON CITY –From    June 25-27, 2021 at 8:00H Operatives of Special Operations Unit CAR and Special Operations Unit 1 led by PBGEN REMUS B MEDINA, Director, PNP DEG, together with Kibungan MPS, PDEA Benguet, PDEU Benguet, PMFC Benguet, RMFB15 PROCOR, PROCOR, and RSOG/RDEU PROCOR under "OPLAN PATHFINDER" conducted marijuana eradication at Sitio Dalipey, Brgy Tacadang and Sitio Naptong, Brgy Badeo Kibungan, Benguet.

The Operating Teams were able to uproot and destroy 37, 250 pieces of fully grown marijuana plants and 26.5 kilograms of sun dried Marijuana leaves with a total estimated standard drug price of Php 10,630,000. 00 in ten (10) different sites at the mountainous area of the said places with an estimated land area of 4,150 sqm.

PBGEN MEDINA commended the effort of the group in the said operation and encourage them to continuously eradicate marijuana plantations in the region. ###