On October 24, 2019, joint personnel of CMFC, CDEU, Police Station 8 (all of CCPO), Special Operations Unit 5 PNP DEG, PDEA 7 and Brgy. Officials and Tanods of Barangay Tag-bao,Cebu City uprooted 2,400 stalks fully grown Marijuana plants with buds (approximately three to six feet in height) and with DDB Value of Php 960,000.00 which are planted located at Sitio Mapa, Brgy. Tagba-o Cebu City in coordination with PDEA 7 under coordination control number 20002-102019-0534. The cultivator who was identified as Michael Racoma Cubong alyas “Michael” alyas “Robert” were arrested during the said operation. The uprooted marijuana were burned on the site after uprooting and documentation. While five stacks of marijuana plants will be brought to RCLO 7 for laboratory examination and analysis while documents are being prepared for the complaint to be submitted to the prosecutor’s office.