PNP DRUG ENFORCEMENT GROUP (PNP DEG), CAMP BGEN RAFAEL T CRAME, QUEZON CITY – On February 4, 2021 at about 03:45 PM personnel of Special Operation Unit 1, PNP DEG, led by PMAJ RAYMOND NICOLAS under the direct supervision of PBGEN RONALD O LEE, Director, PNP DEG, with the support of Umingan Police Station of Pangasinan PPO, conducted manhunt operation which resulted to the arrest of Joshua Rafael Cardenas Abrena, 21 years old, distributor of United Network of Opportunity International Corporation (UNOIC), single and a resident of Brgy. Poblacion East, Umingan, Pangasinan at Barangay West Avenue, Quezon City.

The suspect was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest issued by Hon. Rusty M Naya, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 51, Tayug, Pangasinan for violation of Article II, Section 5 of RA 9165 dated January 25, 2018docketed under Criminal Case No. T-6693,with no bail recommended.

As a background, the said person was arrested in a buy bust operation conducted by Umingan Police Station in 2017, but he was a minor then and was only placed under custody of his parents but he escaped.The arrested wanted person was brought to court of origin for proper disposition. ###