CRAME, QUEZON CITY– On July 9, 2021 at around 08:10 PM operatives of Special
Operations Unit-8 led by PBGEN REMUS B MEDINA, Director, PNPDEG, together
with CIB MCPO, and STN 2 MCPO of PRO 7 personnel conducted joint Anti-Illegal
Drugs Operations (Buy-Bust) at Astec Barangay, Subangdako, Mandaue City which
resulted in the arrest ofthe following suspects:

  1. Paul Richard Antiga Villamor Jr, single, a resident of Quiot Pardo Cebu
  2. Janus Cyprian Estimada, a resident of Pooc Talisay Cebu City;and
  3. Nicasio Ramirez Villagonzalo, married a resident of San Isidro, Talisay
    City Cebu.
    During the operation, operating teams were able to confiscate the following
    a. One (1) piece medium size heat sealed transparent sachet containing
    white crystalline substance known as shabu weighing more or less 115
    grams with Standard Drug Price of Php 782, 000.00;
    b. One (1) piece brown paper bag with brand name Mr. Liempo ; and
    c. One (1) piece genuine one thousand peso bill with serial number
    BW068055 used as a buy-bust money incorporated with 18 pieces of one
    thousand bill as boodle money;
    The arrested persons are now under the custody of SOU 8, PNP DEG for
    documentation and proper disposition while a case for violation of Sec. 5 and 11 of
    Art II of RA 9165 are being prepared against them.
    PBGEN MEDINA commended PNP DEG for a job well done and stated, "Our
    policemen on the ground will never be complacent in our fight against illegal drugs in
    the country, thus expect massive operations to be conducted by our drug operatives
    making our country a drug free Philippines.###