PNP DRUG ENFORCEMENT GROUP (PNP DEG), CAMP BGEN RAFAEL T CRAME, QUEZON CITY– Personnel of PNP DEG led by PBGEN REMUS B MEDINA with RID7 CIU, CCPO CIDG7, RPDEU, PDEA RO7 conducted buy-bust operation at Brgy. Campo 4, Talisay City and Brgy Tap tap, Cebu City turned armed encounter which resulted to the death of a certain Levon and two (2) unidentified malefactors.

A poseur buyer was having a transaction with the suspects when the suspect suddenly drew his firearm and fired at the undercover police officer and his group. Operating team retaliated to defend themselves. However, the suspect managed to board the vehicle and fled.

Operating unit called for assistance to other friendly units in the area and an immediate dragnet operation was undertaken. A team from HPG7 intercepted the get-away vehicle in Brgy. Taptap, Cebu City. The team tried to flag down the vehicle upon seeing that it has no plate and resembles the description. However, instead of stopping, the suspects fired upon the police officers which resulted to another firefight and eventually the neutralization of the suspects.

Confiscated after the said operation are the following:

  1. One (1) red Toyota Vios with no plate number used as get-away vehicle
  2. One (1) Long FA and two (2) short FAs
  3. Ten (10) pcs large pack containing more or less 10 kilograms of white crystalline substance believed to be shabu with an estimated standard drug price of Php 68,000,000.00
  4. 1 black traveling bag
  5. 2 pcs dusted one-thousand-peso bill with serial no. NM569749 and EN946968 and incorporated with boodle money (use as buy bust money)

PBGEN MEDINA tapped the shoulders of the team for a job well done and encourage them to continue to be vigilant during police operations. He said “PNP DEG will keep on pursuing all that involved in the illegal drug trade”. ###