PNP DRUG ENFORCEMENT GROUP (PNP DEG), CAMP BGEN RAFAEL T CRAME, QUEZON CITY–On December 30, 2020 at about 11:00 PM operatives of Special Operations Unit 5 under the direct supervision of PBGEN RONALD O LEE, Director, PNP DEG in coordination with PS 11 CCPO, PDEA 7, RIU 7, RDEU 7conducted buy-bust operation at Sitio Tabay Alumnus, BrgyBasak, San Nicolas, Cebu Citywhich resulted to the arrest of the followingsuspects:

  1. James Ryan Ando, single,16 years old and a resident of Sitio Seaside, BrgyBasak, San Nicolas, Cebu City; and 
  2. Jayvve Gutierrez, single, 17 years old ,Sitio Tabay Alumnus, BrgyBasak, San Nicolas, Cebu City. 

Seized from the above mentioned operation were more or less 200 grams of shabu with an estimated standard drug price of PHP 1,360,000.00.The arrested suspects are presently under custody of PS 11 WCPD Cebu City Police Office  while  criminal complaint for violation of RA 9165 are being prepared for filing before the prosecutor’s office:

        PBGEN LEE was saddened by the fact that the arrested persons were minor but also relieved that they were caught this early so that they can have the chance to change and be a better person in the future.###